5 things you need to know now – North Korea warns U.S. faces ‘grave situation’ after Biden calls country a threat

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NKorea Boasts: US Can’t Stop “Shower of Nuclear Strikes” Pyongyang still pushing war rhetoric

Pyongyang condemned the successful US ballistic missile interceptor test from earlier this week as a “risky move” which “will only bring earlier the day when the US mainland will turn into ashes.” A spokesman for the Strategic Force of the Korean People’s Army told KCNA state news agency that the US ballistic missile interceptor testContinue reading “NKorea Boasts: US Can’t Stop “Shower of Nuclear Strikes” Pyongyang still pushing war rhetoric”

Arizona radio station under investigation for child porn PSA

PHOENIX — An oldies country music radio station serving a rural Arizona area that aired a public service announcement for two years telling people how to hide potential evidence in child pornography cases has stopped doing so after advertisers received threats, the station’s owner said Wednesday. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said he formally openedContinue reading “Arizona radio station under investigation for child porn PSA”

BREAKING NEWS: Trey Gowdy Says He’s Not ‘The Right Person’ To Lead FBI

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said Monday that he informed Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the weekend that he is not the right person to take over as FBI director. Gowdy, who was widely speculated to a top contender to replace Jim Comey, said that he met with Sessions on Saturday and spoke with himContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Trey Gowdy Says He’s Not ‘The Right Person’ To Lead FBI”

Inside North Korea’s Accelerated Plan to Build a Viable Missile

Kim Jong Un has modernized the weapons program, sped test launches and forced Western leaders to worry more about Pyongyang’s intentions than ever https://www.wsj.com/articles/north-korea-is-accelerating-plan-to-land-missiles-in-u-s-1494792608  

‘Confused’ MSNBC Host Relentlessly Hammers Maxine Waters for Previous Comey Comments, And it is Glorious