Newsom to speak at California Democratic Party convention amid recall effort

California Gov. Gavin Newsom will address the Democratic Party faithful Saturday as he mounts a campaign to keep his job. — Read on

Father charged with killing wife and propping her up on sofa with sunglasses, told kids ‘mommy’s drunk’ | Fox News

Fox Nation host Nancy Grace dedicated Friday’s episode of “Crime Stories” to a disturbing case involving a California father who is charged with killing his wife and propping her body up on a sofa next to their children as they opened presents on Christmas morning. — Read on

The Depopulation Weapon Exposed

The crimes of globalism are pouring in from every direction. Every dam protecting liberties, human rights, and the rule of law has burst. Many have become guinea pigs and submitted their will to a hierarchy of elite assassins posing as their saviors. And after more than 100 million arms have been pricked with the mrnaContinue reading “The Depopulation Weapon Exposed”

Total Tyranny: Deadly Vaccines Will Soon be Required to Work in the US

Alex Jones breaks down the calls of the authoritarian globalists to force the population to submit to the medical tyranny of the great reset takeover. — Read on

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ends COVID-19 restrictions statewide

May 3 (UPI) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed an executive order dropping all local emergency COVID-19 pandemic restrictions across the state, — Read on

Students Tell Biden Virtual Learning Allowed Them To Fake Glitches To Get Out Of Questions, Take Naps

The students told the president and First Lady that virtual learning allowed them to fake glitches, take naps, and eat snacks — Read on

Woman Berates A Police Officer, Calls Him A Murderer During Traffic Stop

A woman was pulled over in San Dimas, California for a traffic violation by an LASD officer, and she accused him of being a murderer. Watch the video. — Read on

BIG LIE: Biden Says $4 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Has ‘Overwhelming Bipartisan Support’ — Not A Single Republican Supports It

— Read on =2

Trump Slams “Stone Cold Loser” Mitt Romney, “Warmonger” Liz Cheney in New Statements

Trump also brands fraudulent election ‘The Big Lie.’ — Read on

Patients Stricken By Vaccine Blood Clots Seek Payout From Government Fund | ZeroHedge

ZeroHedge – On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero — Read on

Biden Claims It’s Unfair To Attack Administration Over U.S. Borders That Were Created By James K. Polk

WASHINGTON—Blasting the critics of surging migrant detentions, President Joe Biden claimed Monday that it was unfair to attack his administration over borders that former President James K. Polk was responsible for creating. “It’s absurd, we just got here, and now we are being blamed for a lack of transparency around migrant detention even though weContinue reading “Biden Claims It’s Unfair To Attack Administration Over U.S. Borders That Were Created By James K. Polk”

Coronavirus pandemic forces sharp price hike on consumer goods –

Grocery shoppers are seeing sticker shock at the supermarket. At the gas station, prices are up more than 22% from a year ago. — Read on

Dead Sea Scroll fragments with biblical text discovered by Israeli archaeologists

Whether they’re being saved, stolen or both, the tiny, two-millennia-old pieces of parchment and some much older artifacts found with them remain highly relatable even today. — Read on

Huge Butt Plug Sparks Grenade Scare in Germany

You can never be too careful, especially when you believe you’ve uncovered an explosive device. But this story goes to show that looks can be deceiving. — Read on

Josh fight: Crowds show up in US park for pool noodle battle to win rightful ownership of their name | Offbeat News

A 22-year-old named Josh Swain came up with the idea for the funny fight when boredom set in during the pandemic a year ago. — Read on

‘My girlfriend asked me to sleep with her twin sister and I don’t know what to do’ – Mirror Online

A man has taken to Reddit to ask for some much-needed advice after his girlfriend told him she wants him to be physically intimate with her twin sister to help her get over a bad break-up — Read on

Man Arrested At Kid Rock’s Bar For Removing Colostomy Bag And Swinging It Around

Man Arrested At Kid Rock’s Bar For Removing Colostomy Bag And Swinging It Around: NewsOfTheStupid — Read on