Highest Alert Level Issued after Alaskan Volcano Erupts Eruption prompted Alaska Volcano Observatory to issue red aviation code – highest warning level

  Alaska’s Bogoslof volcano ‘belched’ an ash cloud 35,000ft (10,668 meters) into the atmosphere over a period of just 55 minutes. https://www.infowars.com/volcano-eruption-creates-35000ft-high-ash-cloud-in-under-1hr-photos/  

Fearless 70-Year-Old Man Fights ISIS-Linked Terrorist In ‘Hand-To-Hand’ Combat

  A elderly Filipino man recently engaged a radical extremist with ties to the Islamic State in hand-to-hand combat in his backyard, demonstrating rare courage. Lolo Peryong, 70, was cleaning his backyard when Abu Ubayda, a member of the Abu Sayyaf militant group, walked onto his property in Barangay Lawis in Calape with an M16 assaultContinue reading “Fearless 70-Year-Old Man Fights ISIS-Linked Terrorist In ‘Hand-To-Hand’ Combat”

White House: No Comment on Ongoing Seth Rich Investigation

The White House declined to comment on new details on the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich after reports said he was communicating with Wikileaks before his unsolved murder in Washington D.C. last summer. “I’m not aware of that,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer replied during a press gaggle with reporters at the WhiteContinue reading “White House: No Comment on Ongoing Seth Rich Investigation”

China to Allow US Beef Exports After Deal on Trade Issues

Trump made renegotiating trade terms between US and China key plank of presidential campaign   A new trade deal will allow US beef and natural gas exports to flow into China while opening up the US market for cooked poultry and Chinese banks, the US Commerce Secretary announced Thursday. The initial slate of commitments fromContinue reading “China to Allow US Beef Exports After Deal on Trade Issues”

What’s Behind the Fidget Spinner Fad?

When I asked a colleague if he knew about fidget spinners, he responded: “I’d never heard of them until last week, when my daughter told me she had to have one.” Many parents must be having that conversation with their elementary school-age kids; as of this writing, fidget spinners held the top 16 spots inContinue reading “What’s Behind the Fidget Spinner Fad?”