Facebook shrugs at cruel pictures of sex with overweight woman

http://nypost.com/2017/05/30/facebook-did-nothing-about-this-despicable-post/ A man posts pictures of himself having sex with an overweight woman along with cruel, degrading comments. Facebook sees nothing wrong with it. The world’s biggest social media network threw up its hands after a Facebook user in Australia recently posted the despicable images and captioned them, “What’s the biggest whale you have harpooned? I went through aContinue reading “Facebook shrugs at cruel pictures of sex with overweight woman”

Hillary: Chardonnay Helped Me Get Over the Election Loss

Friday during her commencement speech at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listed some of the things, which included wine, that helped her get over her loss to President Donald Trump. Clinton said, “You may have heard that things didn’t exactly go the way I planned. But you know what?Continue reading “Hillary: Chardonnay Helped Me Get Over the Election Loss”

Dwayne Johnson for President!

No one gets up earlier than Dwayne Johnson. Or goes to bed later. Or is more awake during the hours in between. No one in Hollywood is more buff, more driven, or gets paid better. The man has so much charisma and ambition he can do anything. Comedy, action, pretty little cartoon voices. Some peopleContinue reading “Dwayne Johnson for President!”

Comey firing could spur new review of Clinton case, immunity deals, ex-agent says

President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey touched off widespread speculation in Washington over what will happen to the FBI’s Russia meddling probe – but the prospect of new leadership at the bureau also could hold implications for the ‘closed’ Hillary Clinton email case. Brian Weidner, a veteran former FBI agent, suggested both the caseContinue reading “Comey firing could spur new review of Clinton case, immunity deals, ex-agent says”