This Smartphone Case Doubles as an Espresso Machine

Mokase is the world’s first smartphone case that also serves users a warm shot of espresso whenever and wherever they want. It’s aimed at people who are always on the go, whose hectic lifestyle prevents them from stopping by a coffee shop or even a vending machine for a dose of caffeine. Smart K, theContinue reading “This Smartphone Case Doubles as an Espresso Machine”

8 Signs Your IQ Is Lower Than Average

or decades, people have tried to differentiate themselves based on their IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, and there are tens of different tests designed to check and “rate your intelligence”. These tests are highly controversial, as many people say that wits and intelligence are two radically different things. One thing is for sure, though: you canContinue reading “8 Signs Your IQ Is Lower Than Average”

Why your next Echo command should be: ‘Disconnect me from the internet’

“Smart” devices at home may be tools in robotic networks used by hackers. Botnets can cripple the internet, extort businesses, generate lots of spam Read more here: