Incredible Footage: Chemtrail Plane Over Russia Planes normally leave behind something called a contrail, a water vapor trail that disappears quite quickly as the plane moves on. But this plane is dropping something called a “chemtrail”. It looks like a contrail, but it does not disperse or disappear quickly. It just slowly flattens out and becomes a hazy cloud. TheseContinue reading “Incredible Footage: Chemtrail Plane Over Russia”

Marijuana Could be a Viable Treatment for Migraines for Many

At least in states approving medical marijuana Yet another study shows the natural healing power of marijuana, and it could give hope to the millions of people who suffer from chronic migraines. Risks of Migraine Medications Migraines aren’t just agonizing, they can also be terrifying. That throbbing, crippling pain in your head make some people pass out, andContinue reading “Marijuana Could be a Viable Treatment for Migraines for Many”

THIS IS WAR Megyn Kelly Exposed by Alex Jones in Leaked Audio Recordings

The Infowars provocateur published audio recordings in which the host assures him she won’t do a ‘gotcha’ story and promises to show him clips ahead of time.   Alex Jones, the conspiracy-theorizing host of the Infowars website whose controversial interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly is set to air Sunday night, has fallen back to theContinue reading “THIS IS WAR Megyn Kelly Exposed by Alex Jones in Leaked Audio Recordings”

Meet the 11-year-old offered a football scholarship from University of Hawaii

EWA BEACH, Hawaii – He just might be the youngest recruit in history for the University of Hawaii Football team. Titan Lacaden is an 11-year old wide receiver with the All-Blacks Crusaders in Kapolei. “He’s definitely a special kid,” said Frank Lacaden, Titan’s father and co-founder of the All-Blacks Crusaders Football Club. Titan just finishedContinue reading “Meet the 11-year-old offered a football scholarship from University of Hawaii”

FDA delaying overhaul of nutrition labels

“The FDA will provide details of the extension through a Federal Register Notice at a later time”   The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it is delaying an Obama-era rule to require manufacturers to update nutritional facts labels on processed foods.  The Food and Drug Administration said it has determined that manufactures need additional timeContinue reading “FDA delaying overhaul of nutrition labels”

This Slow Motion Video Of A Man Jumping On 1,000 Mousetraps Is Crazy Viral